Purchases made by our clients are subject to our user agreement which states that logo files and artwork provided are the clients own artwork that they own ALL rights to.

We have world class designers who patiently await enquiries from our clients.

our design timeframes are subject to change, this can be because response times via email, social media or by phone. We do not hold any responsibility if deadlines aren’t met due to the lack of response.

LOGO re-creation

Logo re-creation can become tricky very quickly as previous designers sometimes own the rights of logo without the buyers knowledge.

Unfortunately we do not take responsibility if this is not brought to our attention as we cannot be held responsible. The Individual person or persons Providing the logo will hold all resPoNsibility for the recreation of the logo and its font choices.

To avoid costly mistake we highly recommend a re-brand. This allows our designers to handcraft your logo from scratch with you taking full view of the design process.


Limitless Visuals does not offer any refunds on designs. If printing errors arise and it can be traced back to Limitless Visuals - Print Limitless Visuals will negotiate with the printers if they can identify the issue in their factory a new batch MAY get printed.

damaged cards and other goods will need to be returned at the customers expense for a full refunD.

after the error or errors have been identified as a Limitless Visuals error.


Limitless Visuals offers free delivery on most of its products,

unfortunately companies based outside of Australia WILL NOT BE OFFERED FREE DELIVERY.

Please contact us for a correct delivery quote.