No Likes, The fall of Instagram?


Great for small business! Or is it?

Instagram removing likes seems like a big deal for most, and it is. Removing of like counts has enabled small business to compete with the business giants of instagram. Organic reach is down resulting in more paid advertisement.

The downfall for Small businesses is that Instagram was regarded as a free advertisement platform for many years, without a single dollar many companies could be seen by millions around the world. Now small businesses get a chance…… to spend more money on advertisement.


The removal of likes saw As of mid-April, the maximum average engagement rate for the accounts included in the study was 1.54%.

Engagement rate now hovers around 0.9%, which is down 1.1% from earlier this year. In addition, the average number of interactions is down 18% since the beginning of the year. “


Did mental health really shape a tech giants business structure? Or was this a money making opportunity?

Mumbrella Has a great article breaking down their thoughts on the issue, this can be found here:


But don’t worry! there are ways around beating facebook algorithms, below are some ways to remain engaged with your followers.

  • Post Photos / Videos

  • Post Stories

  • Instagram Lives

  • IGTV

  • Reply to your DMs

  • Reply to Comments