Why do I need social media?

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In 2019 the power of advertisement has well and truly shifted.

While the TV ads are playing majority of people are glued to their mobile phones. This shows how un-effective Tv ads have become.

This is great news for small business, this means that for a smaller budget you can easily target specific audiences in a tiny town or a huge city.

In this video below “Gary, V” a social media guru explains the power and importance of social media today.

take a look: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JnPTqmkZc0&t=1155s


Here's what you need to know:

  1. Social Media is a long term commitment. This means you need a long term marketing plan to allow your business to grow online.

  2. Social media fame doesn’t happen overnight, this means there are no quick and easy fixes. For example: Purchasing 10,000 followers looks great! But if their not engaging with your content it may result in your analytical data being corrupted (setting the marketing plan back).

  3. Social media is about creating a community around your brand. This allows your audience to grow brand trust and awareness, Doing this can help word of mouth sales increase over time and build stronger business network.


Here are the benefits of social media

  1. Targeting Audience, Targeting your audience has never been easier. Facebook ads allows you to target consumers in remote areas for a small amount.

  2. Low cost. Social media is great for small business because the cost of running campaigns has never been smaller. Social media allows you to control your budget without the pressure of competitors methods.

  3. Brand trust, Brand trust is never a bad thing. Growing your social media organically grow your brand trust, with comments, feedback and communication it allows your target audience to get a look and feel of how your business operates. How your business looks and feels over its platforms can determine a sale or not.




Here’s how we can help.

  1. We have complete brand management services including social media marketing, digital design and content creation. This allows you to handle the big stuff!

  2. We bring knowledge to the table by advising of potential outcomes and avenues not yet thought of by your company.

  3. We monitor and evaluate your advertisements across all platforms and keep you up to date with what and what isn’t working for your marketing plan.

  4. Did we mention, we handle everything. Delivered to your door with a monthly recap.

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