Why do I need a design brief?

Design Brief.

A Design brief is the first important step to understanding your new business, it can help educate business owners of the communication needed for designers.


Below is a list of criteria that helps us identify your design needs more clearly.

  • Name:

  • Company:

  • Project Overview: Provide a brief description of the project.

  • Objectives: (what you would like to achieve from the process)

  • Budget: (what is the total spend on your design)

  • Target audience:(who you would like to target)

  • Demographics, Characteristics, Audience types:.

  • Provided resources:

  • Creative requirements and considerations:

  • Format / Layout / Tone / Colours:

  • Schedule: (what is the due date)

  • What are you providing for the project? (Logo files, imagery, video etc)

  • Inspiration: (What have you seen and liked)

  • Main Competitors:

  • What to avoid:

  • Notes:

(Add any more information you think would help the design process.)